Troubled kids

Date: November 12th, 2018
Materials: Paint Tool SAI
Artist's comment: An attempt to find a good way to draw characters for my comic, as well as an excuse to draw younger version of these guys. Here we have Amethyst and his angry big brother Beryl, as well as their cousin Syanid. This is how old they were about the time Beryl and Amethyst came to live with their grandfather, with Beryl being 13-14 teens, Amethyst about 11 or 12, and Syanid in his early twenties. Syanid used to be Beryl and Amethyst's uncle, and later amended to be an adopted uncle, but I've shuffled things around a bit to make the timeline fit better. So now Syanid and Beryl and Amethyst's mother Uniwe are first cousins.