Date: Jun 25th, 2020
Materials: Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop
Artist's comment: This is by far the most difficult piece I've drawn this year. It was meant to be a new layout, and hopefully it will be soon. This is actually the third time I tried to draw the concept of "white and pink winged wolf lying in a river with water lilies" - the first one was in 2017, the second last year or something, but I was never got very far with those. I didn't have the patience for the painting-like style, the background was too ambitious for my skills, and the colors didn't look exactly right either. But this time - this time I did it!
First of all, I've gotten a bit better at backgrounds. Secondly, nowadays I do my digital paintings in grayscale and add the colors afterwards, which I find works much better for me than painting in full color. I'm very proud of this!