BFF selfie

Date: February 13th, 2019
Materials: Paint Tool SAI
Artist's comment: Just something simple and fun with two old OCs. I've been working on a little comic called Griffnapped! over the last year as a sort of warm-up for my main comic Merdack. The main characters and the premise are from a much older comic of mine called Gothaedia. But while the four characters I lifted from Gothaedia were obviously the main focus, there were also these two girls - Kuura and Ganeia. Kuura was this tough but easily distracted country girl who had a tendency to bite off a bit more than she could chew, while Ganeia was more of a dumb blonde type. Maybe I'll use them in Griffnapped! too.
Also smartphones don't actually exist in Griffnapped!verse, I just thought it would be cute to have them take a selfie. Also also it's a Samsung because I have a Samsung and it was easy to use as a reference.